Hi folks,

After months of hard work and countless revisions, we’re excited to share HUDWAY with you!

We are all about helping drivers to drive safer — head-up display mobile application to anticipate the road for a more safe navigation in low visible conditions (night, rain, fog, snow)...

This is the very first version, we’ve been working on lot more UX/UI improvements and new features... Stay tuned, more to come soon :-)

AppStore link —

Please let us know what you think. We want to make it amazing for you all.




October 31 — November 2, 2013 we are taking part in the global discussion platform «Open Innovation Forum» in startups section with HUDWAY. Our project got high rating of «AA» on the methodology of Russian Startup Rating (RSR). Forum is held in Moscow at Crocus Expo IEC.

Come to our stand (Hall 12, Section SartUP) to meet and talk!


HUDWAY project — just got high expert rating AA.

This is Russian Startup Rating (RSR) with more than 50 leading experts in IT area. According to experts, HUDWAY project have a great chance to success.



Данил Александров серьёзный (HUDWAY)Данил Александров не серьёзный (HUDWAY)

Q. How long do you work in applications design?

A. I started in RIT LLC, year before. My first projects in user experience and user interface was CheckMyRace and Rallymeter. Before I was freelancer and mainly worked in graphic design.

Q. What do you think about your role in application developing?

A. My responsibility is design. In app developing all comes from this point. From flyers and banners to interaction design. Graphic part is completely engaged me. Icons, colors, different design staff and all such kind of «garbage» — it's up to me. In design of new screens and application behavior we work all together with programmers and other team members. It’s faster to do something that will satisfy most of us, in terms of design, and the point of view of programming.

Q. What inspired you to create a logo?

A. Well, actually the creation of the logo isn’t a magical process that brings inexplicably to designers head an inspiration and a picture of a new logo. Initially there were only a few directions that need to be work on. I came up with a bunch of sketches, and then Ivan and Alexey chose the most successful.

Варианты иконок HUDWAY

After selecting, all started over again. Even sometimes we come to other decision and start all over again. Well, it just sounds so complicated; in fact, this is usual process of creating something. At last everyone liked the idea with animals, which can oriented in conditions of low visibility, or nocturnal animals. After many adaptations of owls, we came to the owl with big eyes like car headlights.

Q. What is the complexity of design for the small smartphones screen?

A. In general, there is no complexity of designing for a small iPhone screen (well, plus the screens of the first models that are slightly smaller in height). It is much more difficult to design for variety of different resolutions and devices.

Q. Do you think HUDWAY will be successful?

A. The popularity is not a thing that can be measured. But I really do believe this application will be popular. No, tell you more — it will be popular :) Simplicity, an idea and functionality of HUDWAY will make right thing.