Since August 2013, when the first HUDWAY app version was released, each summer has marked a period of hard work and leaps in the project development.

This year we started a number of new development directions, one of them, HUDWAY Glass, taking our ideas right to the real, palpable world.

We're through with revisions and reworks, and finished with manufacturing the test batch of HUDWAY Glass accessories. Our next step is launching the first factory run and starting real mass sales — globally. A Kickstarter campaign will get somewhere in between, though :) This takes a lot of traveling, research, communication and experiments, but we're equally serious about getting HUDWAY app further in parallel.

The feedback we got from each update brought us ideas to follow and confidence to move on. With that all, we hope to soon release a worthy alpha version of HUDWAY offline — long anticipated and much requested project spin-off.

We'll keep it short — thank you for staying with us, great things are almost here.

PS. If you are a distributor interested in getting HUDWAY Glass on sale in your stores, write us at We have several samples left, and can ship them for tests and evaluation.