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Hudway Glass Review | Boy Gadgets
Although we have no absolute way to ensure driving in focus, there is a modern soon-to-be vital technology that has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industries by solving this safety-related issue.
The best Apps to use in your Ford Vehicle | Foray Motor Group
A guide to the very best driving apps that you should download on your smartphone today.
HUDWAY —a HUD for a safer driver experience
HUDWAY’s main point is to push the boundaries of common GPS navigation — make it safer, less distracted and more efficient.
HUDWAY App and Glass: Safe Driving, Whatever the Weather | The Car Loan Warehouse
Thanks to HUDWAY driving app, driving in poor weather conditions just got a whole lot safer! The app is designed to ensure drivers remain alert and safety-conscious at all times, without getting distracted by audio commands or complicated maps. Coupled with the HUDWAY Glass car accessory, this app provides optimum visibility, no matter what the weather.
A Recipe for a Perfect Invention |
What does it take to come up with a unique product that people want? Sometimes on top of everything it might take years of experience as a professional rally pilot, a night drive with a market-savvy software developer sitting next to you in the car and a telephone call – and that’s how HUDWAY was born.
HUDWAY – Takeaway Augmented Reality Technology for Your Car |
No need to spend a fortune on a car with a cool HUD, your smartphone is enough. Want a day vision as well? No problem: a free app and a $50 gadget will make it for you.
Night Vision for Drivers | E-ChannelNEWS
The basic technology behind HUDWAY is not about how to place the device so that it would produce a decent reflection on the windshield (Head-Up Display), but about HOW the app analyzes, visualises and displays information for the driver navigating in poor and reduced visibility conditions.
Could this app put a heads-up display in every car? |
Want to turn your car's windscreen into a 3D satellite navigation display? There's an app for that.
The 8 Best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS | Nerd's Magazine
One night I took a road trip where the road conditions were so bad that I wound up behind an 18 wheeler with a red reflective bumper and stayed behind it for 80 miles until conditions improved. If you don’t have that luxury, then you need this app.
HUDWAY guarantees safe driving in rough weather | hmirrorwall
Driving can be fun and sometimes exciting too but would you like to drive on a foggy night amidst heavy snowfall?
Military Head-up Display Now Available for Consumer Vehicles | Auto Training Centre
There is now a way to create a HUD on your windshield using smartphone technology but cutting out the middleman, so to speak. Hudway is the most affordable HUD on the market.
HUDWAY App Can Metamorphose Your Smartphones Into a GPS Navigation Heads-Up Display For Safe Driving | Gadget Flow
It was a couple of months back when we had reviewed Navdy that truly offers a good solution to keep your eyes on the road and away from the phone while driving. But affording $499 isn’t an easy job for everyone. On top of that, this is a Heads-Up Display you need to mount separately in your car. What if I told you there is a solution you can use directly from your smartphone without spending a dime!
HUDWAY GPS Navigation | Target PC
I love taking long road trips. Two thousand miles over a few days is my idea of fun which I know for most people sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. If I get a few extra days to get to my destination I'll take side roads or smaller highways to meet the locals and see what I can find. Sadly the GPS software in my car has never been updated which has led to me calling it Sorri.
Heads Up! Russian developers invent 3D Display for safe driving | RBTH
Two cousins have created a head-up navigation application called HUDWAY. The application, which can be downloaded to smartphones, projects the road ahead onto the windshield, improving road safety when visibility is poor.
Hudway: The Poor Man's Head-Up Display | CarConnection
We spend lots of time writing about adaptive cruise control, lane-assist, and other safety systems that herald the eventual arrival of fully autonomous cars. But there are plenty of other high-tech treats on the market – treats designed to make driving safer and easier.
Automotive navigation, are we there yet? | YuCentric
Who among you hasn’t had trouble getting to your destination by car despite using a GPS device? And yet wasn’t GPS supposed to eliminate this sort of trouble by replacing the copilot?
Envisioning the Future of Motoring with HUD’s | Optical EXPRESS
Motoring technology is increasing at an alarming rate. In the last 25 years...
Hudway AR HUD with new voice assist is 'a professional co-driver on your phone' | CNET
Hudway, the augmented-reality app that creates a head-up display for driving by reflecting off your windshield, will be updating with voice assist.
Turn Your iOS Device Into A Heads-Up Display With Hudway |
Now you can easily turn your iOS device into a heads-up display that will show up on your windshield in low-visibility and low-light situations with the Hudway app!
Hudway app delivers windshield HUD for driving | CNet
Free iPhone app provides an augmented-reality head-up display (HUD) for driving by reflecting it off your windshield. Read this article by Michelle Starr on CNET.
Heads up! HUDWAY turns your windshield into a jet fighter cockpit for $Free.99 |
The HUDWAY head-up display app for iPhone displays turn-by-turn directions and an outline of the road ahead on your windshield.
Hudway turns your iOS device into a heads-up display | (Aol.)
Hudway's app can turn your smartphone and car's windshield into a heads-up display, improving safety while navigating unknown areas in low-visibility conditions.
Best free apps 2014
Our top ten of the best free apps to make driving easier and cheaper Read more: Best free apps 2014 | Carbuyer Follow us: @CarbuyerUK on Twitter | CarbuyerUK on Facebook
Turn your iPhone into a head up Display with The Hudway App | The Gadget Blog
It was just this July that we heard about Garmin's HUD. It's a portable device that sits on the dashboard of the user's car, working with their smartphone
Hudway – The free app for IOS devices that is making news. - Nexus BG
I woke up this morning and checked the Daily Mail and found an article on an app that made the screen of your car turn into a space-age dashboard.
Hudway — Driving Directions, Now on Your Windshield | UrbanDaddy, LA
A driving-assistance app that displays all your navigational needs right on your windshield.
Hudway: Free Ultra-Cool Windshield Navigation Projection iOS App | BIT REBELS
Rit LLC has developed an innovative free iOS app called Hudway which show projected directions, speed and distance directly and safely on your windshield.
Hudway Turns Your iPhone Into A Heads-Up Display | ZipRage
Just a few years ago nearly every car on the road seemed to have a GPS system attached to the windshield or dash. Nowadays you're more likely to see a smar
Augmented Reality Projections Turn Windshield Into A Navigation Screen | PSFK
New app that lets you see the road as if you are wearing Google Glass.
Turn your windscreen into a sat nav |
Free augmented reality app helps drivers follow directions in fog, snow, rain and at night via windshield projections.
Hudway app turns your phone into a head-up display |
Garmin's HUD is a portable device that sits on the dashboard of the user's car, working with their smartphone to project a head-up display onto the inside of their windshield.
Give your windshield a HUD with this iPhone app |
HUDs can be expensive, but this iPhone-projected one is completely free. Meet the HUDWAY app, an aid to help you navigate inclement weather.
HUDWAY app helps motorists in low-visibility conditions with aid on windshield | NDTV Gadgets
A new smartphone app can help motorists navigate their way around by reflecting driving directions on the windscreen of their car in low-visibility conditions such as rain, fog or heavy snow.
HUDWAY iPhone App Makes Your Drive Safe with A Cool HUD Display |
HUDWAY is an iPhone app with a very interesting solution to an old problem – making driving under low-light safer. Check out how ingenious the way they've solved it:
iPhone app Hudway projects sat-nav directions onto your car windscreen
The Hudway app is free and can be used without a consistent Internet connection
Hudway is a Heads-Up Display for Your Vehicle, Uses the Windshield to Reflect Images | 148Apps
Hudway, also known as HUDWAY augmented reality on the windshield HUD Head-Up Display for drivers on the App Store, is a heads-up display for your vehicle.
Free Head Up Display
All you need to do is input the directions into the Hudway app, place it atop your dashboard and BAM..the driving and destination information will be reflected against the windshield, right in your line of sight. You no longer have to pony up extra cash on an external GPS unit or purchase that snazzy heads-up display option on your next luxury car...Hudway has you covered.
Video: Hudway turns your iOS device into a heads-up display -
Smartphones can enhance driving by acting as GPS systems, but Hudway takes the concept to the next level with its app, which turns any device running iOS (and in February 2014, Android) into a heads-up display that can be viewed on your windshield in low-visibility and low-light situations.
Navigace Hudway promítá trasu přímo na přední sklo |
Aplikace Hudway není první navigace, která promítá obraz z chytrého telefonu na předního sklo auta. Podobně funguje i třeba populární Sygic. Rozdíl je ale v tom, co Hudway promítá – před sebou totiž vidíte nejen informace o jízdě, ale i profil cesty a blížících se zatáček. Aplikace dokonce zatáčku zvýrazní červeně, pokud do ní jedete příliš rychle.
Offrez à votre voiture un HUD avec l’application Hudway |
Si les HUD (« affichage tête haute ») semblent être l’une des fonctionnalités phare de la voiture de demain, ils requièrent, pour l’heure, un investissement conséquent, notamment pour intégrer le système de projection. Avec Hudway cela dit, il ne vous suffira que ...