HUDWAY — increasing driver safety in low visibility conditions (rain, fog, heavy snow or darkness)

Everyday, 350 people die worldwide
due to low visibility conditions while driving*

* — World Health Organization data

Driving in low visibility conditions

HUDWAY is a unique application for smartphone users that allows drivers to focus on the road, keep their hands on the wheel and mind on driving.

Now drivers don't have to interpret audio commands or complicated maps and symbols.

Current navigation systems are inherently unsafe by distracting a driver’s attention away from the road. This is especially true when driving in low visibility conditions — rain, fog, heavy snow or darkness.

No additional equipment required

Just put the phone on the dashboard. Does not require any projectors,
works fine without special film on windshield

Distance to the next curve

In addition, HUDWAY provides you with useful information — current vehicle speed, distance to the next sharp curve, and where it is best to slow down.

All dangerous turns are displayed in red and prior marks on the road help to visually measure the distance. Distance between each marks is equal to 50 meters (or 200 feet).

Voice Assistant (Co-Driver)

Hudway brings a fundamentally new approach of voice assisting in navigation systems.

Besides main road intersections, Hudway Voice Assistant alerts you on every dangerous curve on the road ahead, creating an audio-image for the next one-two turns in your head. Hudway Assistant works like a professional co-driver on your phone.

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Create the route to your destination
and start driving

Chances of getting lost on an unknown route are high, especially in low visibility conditions


Start HUDWAY in low visibility conditions


Enter the destination
and build the route


Switch on HUD mode
and start driving

Constant Internet connection
— not required

An Internet connection is required to build the route.

Pre-load all desired routes. If the route is already built or pre-loaded — you can use HUDWAY offline.

This is especially handy when you go into the countryside, where there may be no connection at all.

Why you'll love HUDWAY


Increases driver safety by anticipating twists and turns on the road


HUDWAY is always with you on your smartphone


Just tap HUDWAY and start driving without any additional equipment

Easy to use

HUDWAY interface is created based on user's behavior and experience


Similar HUD systems in premium cars can cost more than $1,500


HUDWAY looks cool, will surprise your friends, share tracks, follow and compete your friends

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